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If you read this blog regularly, you know that I usually talk about presentation training, public speaking training and presentation style. Today I’m going to talk about presentation style, but not how it relates to presentation training. Interestingly though, the presentation style I’m talking about makes a very strong statement.

Outsourcing limits define themselves

Sometimes outsourcing makes sense and I don’t intend to get into a discussion of the morality of shipping jobs offshore. But sometimes the benefits can come back to bite us. Take, for example, the response my wife got when she sent the following query to Toronto’s Globe and Mail, which bills itself as Canada’s National Newspaper:

The Query

“Hi:  For the second time in the past month, I have been unable to locate a print article from your paper, online.  I was hoping to share the article with others….is there something I should know?  The article I’m currently referring to was in the Toronto section of the Saturday paper…a feature about the cafe Snakes & Lattes.”

The Response

Here’s the response she received:
“Thank you for your e-mail. For your reference not all articles that appeared on the print is available online.  Articles that does not appear online includes freelance writers and newswire service articles that we do not have an online license.

The Conundrum

This is Canada’s National Newspaper, folks. This is one of the places we turn to as an authority on English language usage. It’s an image Toronto’s Globe and Mail has carefully nurtured for generations and it leaves the venerable institution looking rather tawdry that it cares so little about its readers’ responses, no matter how mundane they may be that they are schluffed off to someone whose language skills are basic at best – and apparently not checked by anyone..

There needs to be a bond

A newspaper – particularly a highly respected newspaper – is an institution and it has a certain responsibility to its readers, just as a public speaker has a responsibility to his or her audience, to make and maintain a personal connection. There needs to be a bond that can’t be outsourced to third world suppliers for the sake of squeezing an extra penny of profit for shareholders – if that bond is to be maintained.

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