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Attitude is everything!

Like most business people, I’ve had good times and not-so-good times. I try to maintain a positive attitude all the time, and particularly in not-so-good times.

One of the first things I do every morning is smile at myself in the mirror. Not because my visage is delightful to look at but because that one simple action changes my whole demeanour. It’s like magic. I may be ready to pull the most miserable face imaginable as I start to think about the issues of the day before me. But before I can indulge my negative thoughts any further I stop myself and smile. And as soon as I do that, everything changes. Of course the issues I have to deal with don’t change, but my attitude and my ability to face them become positive and I start to think about what a lucky guy I really am, issues and all.

I do something similar every time I prepare for one of my workshops. I visualize the program and see the participants (and me) having a good time. I think about the value I bring and that kick starts my motivation, no matter what else may be on my mind. We can’t control everything but we can maintain a positive attitude about the tasks at hand. And it pays, particularly where clients are involved.

So how can you do that on an ongoing basis? Well, because nothing succeeds like success, I suggest you focus most on the areas where you’re most successful and reflect the positive energy of your successes to everyone you deal with. And you can start doing that by focusing on what matters most and excluding just about everything else. If you do that, you’ll be dealing with issues you feel passionate about to create positive outcomes that help keep you upbeat. Here are a few suggestions for turning intent into reality.


If you focus primarily on the 20% of your activities that produce the most profit and reduce or eliminate the 80% that consumes most of your time and creates most of your headaches, you’ll increase your potential margin of success significantly.

Find a niche

Chances are, your clients can choose from dozens or even hundreds of people who do what you do. But there’s probably something unique about you and the service or product you provide that can make you a go-to person. If you can find that niche – preferably something for which you have significant passion – you’ll probably find that clients will seek you out for your special skill or service.

Partner with others

No one has all the answers. But it can be very valuable to your clients, your colleagues and your reputation to align yourself with other specialists who provide significant value. Their success can become your success too.

Have a back-up

Although you’ll probably want to remain focused on your primary niche, it’s always a good idea to have a back-up revenue stream to fill in during quiet times and to have a place to go when there are surprises in your primary market.

Aim for repeat revenue

Nothing puts a smile on your face more than a steady stream of revenue coming from a small number of customers who like, trust and respect you. Armed with their confidence – and revenue – you can approach new prospects with a self-confidence that’s based on a solid foundation of service.
Stuff happens, but professionals put their best face forward no matter what else is going on in their lives. A carefully nurtured positive attitude is often all that separates, a “No, thank you . . .” to a “Yes! Thank you very much!!”

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