Four Steps to Presentation Success

Of course there are many steps to presentation success, but if you use these four as guideposts you’ll be on the right track.

1. Know your material cold

  • You owe it to yourself and your audience to be fully prepared
  • If you’re not sure of your facts, leave them unsaid
  • Remember, your audience expects you to be an expert

2. Know your audience

  • The more you know about your audience, the more you’ll know what you need to say and how you need to say it

3. Know your purpose

  • Speak strategically – make it a part of a larger plan
  • Know why you’re speaking to this audience at this time and how it ties into your marketing plan
  • Prepare Key Messages in advance and use them in your presentation

4. Measure your effectiveness

  • Use an evaluation sheet or ask a few participants how your presentation could be improved
  • Remember, presentation is always a work in progress

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