Introverts Need to Plan

Just about anyone can improve their comfort level with speaking to groups but it’s a lot easier for some than it is for others. Introverts, for example, find it much more difficult to speak to groups than other people do.

Introverts prepare meticulously

I’ve discussed this with several people who say they’re introverts and have noticed that people who are natural introverts seem to prefer to think everything through very carefully and prepare meticulously before they share information.  An extrovert however, likes to think out loud.  Often, thoughts are developed and refined as the extrovert shares them.  In fact, in the absence of an audience, an extrovert may feel a little lost.  They often prefer to develop ideas with others.  Where extroverts love attention and sharing, introverts often would rather be left alone with their thoughts and tasks to get the job done on their own, as they see fit.

Build your comfort level

So if you feel you’re a natural introvert, how does that affect your speaking style?  Well, first you have to decide if you want to – or need to – speak to groups.  If you don’t want to and your work doesn’t require it, there’s no issue.  But if you do need or want to speak in public you might want to consider some compassionate coaching to build both your comfort level and speaking skills.  The coaching will help you explore and understand some of the underlying issues that contribute to your discomfort and the practice will help you to put those lessons to work.  And finally, you need to understand that because you think differently from extroverts, you need to use your thinking style to your advantage and never view it as a liability.

Understand your mind

You may find you need to plan every word and maybe even every gesture before you speak.  You need to understand how your mind works and how to use your own natural inclinations rather than trying to emulate the extrovert who has other psychological needs.

You can be a strong speaker

We’re all different.  But whether you prefer to develop every word and phrase carefully in advance or you’d rather wing it with minimal preparation you can be a strong speaker if you want to.  All it takes is an understanding of who you are and how you work best.

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