Speak With Power

Need public speaking training?

Afraid to make the leap?

You need Speak With Power!

Sometimes you just need to take the first step to start on a life-changing path that leads to greater self confidence and career opportunities.

My clients say Speak With Power! was the right step for them.


Speak With Power! is an interactive program that develops public speaking skills and self-confidence in a supportive, non-threatening environment.

During a Speak With Power! workshop you’ll learn to:


·    Presentation notes

·    Key Messages

·    Gestures

Connect with audiences

·    Project to fill a room

·    Use body language

·    Add the power of a smile

·    Relax and enjoy yourself

Make presentations flow

·    Maintain audience attention

·    Move from one point to another

·    Use intonation and pauses for emphasis

Work With audiences

·    “Check in” with audiences and evaluate reactions

·    Deal with audience inattention and disruptions

·    Deal with disaster

·    Move audiences to action

Choose your Speak With Power! format

  • Public Workshops

What others say about Speak With Power!

“Thomas truly understands how to teach people to speak with ease and confidence”

“He made it a friendly and welcoming environment”

“He pointed out some key aspects of how one communicates”

“It’s more than just public speaking…”

“Thomas helped me to craft a message and deliver it in a way that made sense”

Are you ready to make the leap?

If you are, I’m ready to be your public speaking trainer. And I’ll help you every step of the way. Contact me for a Speak With Power! Workshop or One-on-One Training. Contact me today!

2 Responses to “Speak With Power”

  • Piratheep:


    I am looking to improve my public speaking skills. Please list rates for group sessions and in-person private classes.

    Thank you

    • Public Speaking Coach:


      Thank you for your interest in my Speak With Power! coaching services. I provide in-person corporate workshops and one-on-one online training.

      I provide highly customized sessions to meet your specific needs. During one-on-one coaching we will work together to identify and resolve your specific concerns. The most common issue I encounter is discomfort with speaking to groups. If speaking anxiety is your major concern, we will work on that issue before we move on to developing presentation style. My philosophy is that dealing with the underlying source of that issue is the foundation for effective presentation. If that is an issue for you I will help you to root it out or reduce it significantly.

      If speaking discomfort is not an issue, I may ask you to bring a short presentation to the first session and, after some preliminary discussions about specific areas of concern, we will begin to work together to enhance presentation style. If you require assistance in creating your presentation you will be able to draw from my more-than-30 years as a creative copy writer to develop the right messages for your specific audience.

      I provide five one-hour, one-on-one online training sessions for $500 plus HST.

      Please feel free to contact me to discuss some of the options I’ve outlined above at 416-762-8488 or 905-655-0119.

      Thanks again for your interest.

      Thomas Moss
      Toronto: 416-762-8488
      Durham: 905-655-0119

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