Full-day Workshop Agenda

Your Full-Day Public Speaking Workshop

Morning Session

Individual Introductions

  • Participants introduce themselves and discuss their specific speaking challenges

The Power of Public Speaking

  • How public speaking builds confidence
  • Why delivery is so important to content
  • Effective presentation approaches

Warm-Up Activity

  • A team-building warm-up activity sets the public speaking workshop’s tone of cooperation and mutual support

Presentations and Feedback

  • Each participants does a short presentation
  • Immediate feedback is provided
  • The speaker is invited to repeat the presentation to apply the feedback.
  • The process is repeated until the speaker achieves significant improvement
  • Learning occurs on several levels as speakers work together to improve their public speaking skills and self confidence
Afternoon Session

Introducing Key Messages

  • Participants learn about key messages and how they add power to presentations
  • Examples are provided and my exclusive Key Message Creator tool is introduced

Creating Key Messages

  • Participants are taught how to use the Key Message Creator tool to create key messages
  • Participants create key messages that strengthen their presentations

Using Key Messages

  • Participants repeat their presentations using their key messages
  • Feedback is provided


  • The group discusses lessons learned in the public speaking workshop


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