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About that small type. . .

I hate tiny type.  I’m talking about those little six point faces that you see in peoples’ blogs all the time.

It’s hard to read

Now, I know they want to fit as much information as they can into a single computer screen, but there are issues around that. When you have small type it’s hard for some people to read it, particularly if you set that tiny type all the way across the screen.  By the time your reader gets to the right hand side of the screen it’s hard for them to pick up on the left hand side to read the next line.

I know . . .

As a guy who’s had cataracts and now has bionic lenses, I know that of which I speak.  Before my cataracts were removed and my natural lenses were replaced with acrylic reading small type was a frustrating, irritating experience.  And it probably caused me to miss a lot of valuable information, simply because I didn’t have the patience to stick with it.  It’s hard to appreciate what it’s like to have reduced vision until you’ve been there.

What I use

Personally, I use 12 point bold for my headings and 10 point for my body copy. Or, if you’re using the WordPress version that I use, it’s Arial – Normal –Larger.  I find that’s not overly large and it’s small enough that it’s flexible and fits well on the page. I’m able to work with it easily and although my entries may be a little bit longer than other bloggers’, I want to be able to reach those people who have issues with reading small type.

Lime green, anyone?

The other issue I encounter from time to time is colour.  I picked up a newsletter from a friend recently and he had a link on there that was set in tiny type, in lime green. Now, lime green against a white computer screen is very difficult to read. Try it; you’ll see what I mean.

Gain more readers

I would suggest that, for body copy, use such colours as dark blue, dark green, brown, black. They all work very, very well. If you want to emphasize something, or if you want to have sub-heads, you may want to set them in red or in a stong – but readable blue or green; something like that, but the body copy should be in dark colours. So please, think about this. Think about your reader. You’re going to gain more readers, in my opinion, if you use type that’s just a little larger and if you keep the body copy dark.
What do you say?  Am I preaching to the converted?  How do you make your blog copy readable?

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